What you Need to Know about Sex During Pregnancy

An Indepth Guide on Sex During your Pregnancy

Will it hurt the baby? Is there any part of pregnancy where it's not OK to have sex? Can having sex during pregnancy induce a misscariage?

These are all very frequently asked questions among pregnant woman. This guide will explain these and much more.

Major Issues with Pregnancy Sex

Problem: Having trouble orgasming or experiencing unintense orgasms. Although some women find there pregnancy makes them more sensitive and find it easier to orgasim, most have a harder time reaching orgasm due to the reduced blood flow in the pelvic region.

Solution: There's nothing like an intense vibrator-induced orgasm. This is how most sexually active women survive there pregnancy, a vibrator or a dildo. They produce much stronger and intense orgasims than conventional sex (especially when you're pregnant.)

Generally speaking, the safest sex toys to use during pregnancy are vibrators.
Even the most intense vibrator induced orgasm will not harm your baby in any way, and is completely healthy. Although there is no scientific evidence that vibrators are or are not bad for your baby, it's accepted within the scientific community that it's entirely safe.

Sex Toy Superstore has a wide variety of vibrators and dildos. As a pregnant women, you should look for something that has intense vibration due to the lack of blood flow in your pelvic region. You're not as sensitive, so more intensity is needed. Ofcourse, most of these vibrators have diffrent speed settings, so that you'll be very comfortable with the speed.

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Problem: It's common for pregnant women to experience a lack of secretion due to hormonal changes, resulting in uncomfortable and even painful sex and/or masturbation.

Solution: Any personal lubricant will do the trick. I would recommend something organic, it's better for you and your partner, and safer for the baby.

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Problem: Many women feel uncomfortable having sex during pregnancy, because they feel unnattractive or awkward.

Solution: In this case, you can find solace in the use of a dildo or vibrator.

Sex Positions During Pregnancy

I got this information from 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets by Michael Webb.

Generally, a good sex position should be:

1. Enjoyable for both partners.

2. Physically comfortable for both partners.

3. Little or no pressure on the uterus or pregnant belly

With that said, the following positions are very safe and are highly recommended during Pregnancy:

Woman on Top Position

This is a favorite among pregnant woman, because the woman can control the depth and movement, and no pressure is placed on the uterus or pregnant belly. This position is especially good during the second trimester, were you will have much more energy. Although during the first and third trimester, you may find that the fatigue is too overwhelming.

The Rear Entry Position

Most women find the added G-spot stimulation very enjoyable, although since the man is in control this could get uncomfortable for the women. Make sure you tell your partner if this position isn't comfortable for you. This position places no force on the uterus or pregnant belly.


Very comfortable and easy on the women, recommended for all trimesters.

The "edge of the bed" position.

The most comfortable position for the pregnant women, leaving absolutely no stress on the uterus or the baby. The women lays on the edge of the bed, and the man will either be on his knees or standing.

Want more sex positions? 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets has always been a personal favorite of mine. It has numerous sex positions along with pictures, as well as tips for making your sex more intense and exhilarating.

I purchased this book 2 weeks before our 18th anniversary. I'll never forget the glow on my husbands face as I pleased him in ways that I could never do before.

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Pregnant Sex FAQ

The Following Guide was taken from Dr. Irina Websters Best Selling Book: Pregnany: From A to Z, everything you need to know about pregnancy.

How safe is it to have sex during pregnancy?

Completely safe in almost all cases. If you've had complications such as abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting, then you will want to check with your doctor first.

Is Sex during Pregnancy actually more enjoyable?

It can be, due to an increased blood flow to your pelvis. Most of the time though, women find that the blood flow is decreased, and then resort to Dildos and Vibrators for more intense sex. Although, some women feel embarrassed or shamed of there body, or can't have sex due to nausea or fatigue.If you don't feel like having sex then you shouldn't, there are plenty of other ways you can share intimacy with your partner. Such as kissing, cuddling, or even oral sex.

This is explained thoroughly in Dr. Websters book.

Will sex during pregnancy damage the baby?

Your baby is located in your uterus, which is no where near the penis upon penetration. As long as excess pressure isn't applied to the pregnant stomach, then the baby is perfectly fine.

Can Sex during Pregnancy induce a miscarriage?

No, miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities or developmental problems from the baby. There is no scientific evidence that states sex during pregnancy increases your chance of a miscarriage or can induce one.

Can sex and/or orgasms trigger a premature labor?

Orgasims have not been scientifically shown to increase the chance of premature labor. The contractions caused by orgasms are completely different than the contractions during labor.

After giving birth, how long should I wait before intercourse?

Your body needs some time to heal, it's recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks before resuming intercourse.

If all of your question's haven't been answered, I strongly recommend you take a look at Pregnancy from A - Z, it is a complete guide to anything and everything related to your pregnancy, including exactly what diet will produce a healthy, happy baby.